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Continent of the ninth seal


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ParticipateAs in battle indirectly by summoning servants and can deal burst
damage by absorbing (consuming) these servants. A mid-range class.


Chain Blade (two-handed weapon)


Summon / Absorb
Participate in battle by summoning servants and absorbing them to deal burst
damage and learn their unique skills.


- Summon powerful servants to fight in battle. Each servant has unique attacks.
- Absorb a servant to deal huge damage quickly. When you absorb a servant,
  you temporarily gaina powerful skill based on that servant.

Before the Genesis War, Manoa was an earthly paradise. The gods and their worshippers built huge temples and all lived in harmony. The Genesis War changed all that. Akene fell into a deep sleep and the gods who followed her vanished forever. Manoa became a desert and home to the Witchblades. The magic left behind by the gods drew them in and they began to develop their powers from it. The Dabel Priests called them witches and, not long after, began to hunt them down. Those who escaped the Dabel Priests gathered in Manoa, and soon the Witchblades were a force to be reckoned with. One group of Witchblades were particularly affected by the power of darkness granted to Arad, the black dragon. Dark powers so close to purity captivated the young girls, and their anger for the Dabel Priests began to grow. In the end, they focused their fury on summoning the fallen god Magnetic Gravito, exiled into the Netherworld by Akene, and redirected his want for revenge towards the Dabel Priests, laying the groundwork for a new reign of terror. One Dabel priest began to call these Witchblades, who could summon servants from the Nether, Nightstalkers.



The greatship Nospera cut through the waves as it departed
the port of Sarad,bound for Waterford.

The greatship Nospera cut through the waves as it departed the port of Sarad,bound for Waterford. Shipmaster Dwaiz stood at the helm of the Nospera,the only ship still running between the two continents. He glanced at the deck of his ship with an uneasy feeling,but quickly turned his eyes upwards before his crewmen could sense anything amiss. Leaning against the rail with black hair whipping in the wind,a Witchblade named Heina stared listlessly at the frothing water below. She was a ravishing beauty,but a beauty no one dared to approach. With her at all times were these twisted monstrosities from the Netherworld,subservient and bound to her will. Dwaiz hoped they behaved themselves for the entire journey. He would rather forget they existed at all.

Long ago,Akene took the power of darkness from the black dragon Arad and sealed it deep under the land of Sarad. Thousands of years passed,and a group of young girls,Witchblades,found this hidden power and were changed by it. Fascinated by the pure darkness,they learned to tap into it and wield it,earning them the ire of the Dabel priesthood. The inevitable feud between these witches and the priests led the women to learn how to summon Gravito,a sinister being long forsaken by Akene. Dwaiz never thought he would see such a nightmare,but here it was,on the deck of his ship,a slave to an elegant woman.

"Heina,how fare ye? Ye look taken in by the rolling waves. Maybe those monsters are making it worse?"

"I am fine. Staring out at the horizon is helping,I think. I shall warn you one last time,leave my pets--"Her warning was cut short by another bout of retching over the side. The last of her breakfast was lost to the blue.

Dwaiz felt daggers from the eyes of the creature known as Gravito. He sighed,it would be a long journey,but at least Heina seemed in complete control over them.

"What do humans do in this situation?"the monster mused to itself. "Do I... Do I pat her on the back?"

Gravito thought about this solution for a moment before remembering that it could not. Its hands were grafted to the Blades of Balam,the sharpest known edges in the world. A comforting pat would instead shred her to ribbons. At a loss,he looked to his sisters for assistance,Banshee and Titania. They paid him no heed,however,entirely too enrapt in the rushing wind and water that stretched on forever.

"Hey! Stop staring at the sea and pat Heina on the back!"Gravito ordered.

Banshee and Titania turned towards him,tilted their heads,and giggled. "Pat her on the back? I can't even bend my arms. Oh! Maybe I can pat her with my feet,"the first one said. The second replied,"Hahaha! Don't be silly. Ooo,I think I saw a fish! This is so exciting!"

Gravito frowned again. "If I knew you two would be so useless,I wouldn't have suggested to our mistress that you even come!"He grumbled a bit more,Heina's sickness continuing to sour his mood.

Skulljape,the Lord of Limbo,stood up and said confidently,"Then you need me. I can help."

Gravito was surprised. He could not remember the last time his brother spoke. "Sit back down. You can't control your own power. If I gave the task to you,you'd just hurt her worse than I would!"

Dejected,Skulljape sat as he was told. Gravito sighed with relief and spotted Myu resting in a remote corner of the deck.

"You! You over there! Come over and pat Heina on the back. What's wrong with you? Don't ignore me! Your mistress needs you!"

Myu grumbled and turned away from the yelling,leaving Gravito to grumble even louder. He hovered by his mistress,clicking his talons together nervously. How could she lead the Witchblades into war against Nefer when she was inflicted by such a mysterious malady? Dwaiz simply rolled his eyes.

Skulljape-S :The Lord of Limbo. He was once killed by the black dragon Arad.

Titania & Banshee :Twin sisters. They are excited to see the world. They have a strong rivalry with another pair of ethereal sisters,the Rebecca Sisters,and hate being compared to them.

Diabolic Wolf :He can't speak,only howl.

My :A sly demon. He loves to trick Nass and sometimes seems like he wants to eat her alive.

Gravito :He loves Nass and protects her from Myu simply by being bigger.